Change Your Facebook Url

Facebook is the most preferred social networking website. When somebody signs up an account there, their profile id or profile LINK is a collection of some random numbers. That series of random numbers is very hard to remember for us andeven for our friends who want to see our profile on Facebook. So Change Your Facebook Url?

Response to the above concern is INDEED! We could now transform our Facebook username. We could pick any type of username which we want and also is readily available. We could pick an easy to bear in mind as well as search username. Likewise an username will be of wonderful help for your friends as it will help them remember it conveniently which was impossible in default Facebook id or URL. A Facebook username will make it a very easy task for someone to discover you on Facebook.

Look At My Old Account URL:

And also My New Account URL:

See the difference? Which among them will you bear in mind easily? I bet it's the 2nd one! Would like to know Change Your Facebook Url? Read even more ...

Change Your Facebook Url

1.) Sign right into your Facebook account.

2.) Most likely to Facebook username changing page.

3.) Type the username you want for your account, check if its available. If it's available click on produce. Additionally you could select any one of the usernames that Facebook suggests. Select an username very carefully!

4.) Click Confirm. Reconsider before clicking on this button! You will certainly not have the ability to change your username later on!

And also do not worry! Also your older account URL/ username will redirect to your new profile LINK/ username!

Now you have your own unique and easy to bear in mind Facebook username. Enjoy the new username!

Additionally you can alter username/ URL of your web pages on Facebook. I will certainly write on it soon!