Delete Facebook Comment

I was at job today as well as my Mother-in-law texted me concerning a concern she was carrying Facebook.

Concern: Delete Facebook Comment - She mistakenly uploaded the exact same thing greater than as soon as on someone's Timeline. The question she had was, "How do you eliminate a duplicate comment on somebody's Timeline?"

This is something that I have actually seen much of my clients do and the answer is pretty basic if you recognize where to look. So, for all you that do unknown, I will lay out the steps so you can delete those unintended remarks we have actually all made. Just because I want to be a nice guy today, I will reveal you Delete Facebook Comment on both your PC and also your Android device.

Delete Facebook Comment

Remove Facebook Comment on COMPUTER

Action 1: You need to be logged right into your Facebook account.

Step 2: Once you are in your account, look for the comment you left on that particular message. The easiest method to locate it is to head up to your drop-down arrowhead next to the Lock Icon on the top right of the site. Click the arrowhead and a food selection will certainly show up. Click on Task Log.

Action 3: Right here you will see a listing of all your tasks from Liking to Commenting. Scroll to your comment which will certainly have an eco-friendly icon (this suggests it is a comment) beside it. To the right, you will certainly see an Edit Pencil. Click it. Now you will have the choice to delete that remark. Click Delete. DONE!

Tip 4 Optional: You can additionally remove your comment directly from the Timeline itself. This behaves given that you may currently be checking out the post when you make the blunder. Just hover your mouse arrow over the remark and also you must see an Edit Pencil to the right. Click it.

In this food selection you could Remove the remark or Modify it. I will certainly pick Remove.

That makes 2 means you can remove it on your PC. Allow's take a look at how you can do the same thing on your Android Facebook App.

Remove Facebook Comment on Android

Action 1: Check in to your Facebook App. (I used my LG Volt and a Galaxy S4 cell phone.).

Action 2: Head to the 3 horizontal lines at the top right. Tap on them and also you should have a food selection pop up. Scroll down up until you find Task Log. Tap it.

Action 3: This is where all your task is maintained. Scroll to the remark you uploaded just like in the PC actions. The very easy method to delete the remark is to select the down arrowhead next to the remark. Tap it, after that just touch Delete.

Step 4 optional: If you are on the real post all you need to do is hold your finger on your comment and also a food selection will certainly appear. Currently just pick Erase.

These are two easy methods you can erase your remark when using your Android Facebook Application. Now you have actually conserved yourself from some embarrassment or at the very least saved yourself from looking like a weirdo.

Ways to Erase Someone's Discuss a Facebook Page

Unless you have actually transformed your setups to avoid it, any kind of user who "Likes" your Facebook Page could leave a talk about a blog post or on your Wall. Comments can be an useful way to engage, however sometimes you have to remove a comment. As long as you are the designer or administrator of the Facebook Web page, you can log in and also remove a remark with just a couple of clicks.

1. Visit to Facebook and also go to your Facebook Web page.

2. Scroll to the remark you wish to erase.

3. Click the "X" that shows up when you roll your cursor over the comment.

4. Click "Get rid of Comment" in the drop-down menu.

5. Click "Erase" to validate.