How to Remove Facebook Contacts From iPhone

The Facebook integration on iphone allows your iPhone to sync call details and pictures in your "Get in touches with" application with whatever is saved online. This is either very useful, or tremendously complicated, as it causes plenty of contacts to appear on your iPhone that have no telephone number connected with them or are simply unneeded. This can be a problem for some customers. Therefore we compiled an overview on How To Remove Facebook Contacts From Iphone, or hide the contacts acquired through Facebook as well as keep the remainder.

How To Remove Facebook Contacts From Iphone

The best ways to conceal Facebook contacts on iPhone

Contacts > Groups

If you wish to keep the extra contacts that are synced from your Facebook account to your iPhone's address book (" Calls" app), however hide them from the primary contact list, you can do so by readjusting your sight setups.

Open the "Contacts" application and also faucet "Groups" at the top left of the screen. Then scroll to "All Facebook" at the very bottom as well as uncheck the thing on the checklist. You could inspect any other group making it visible, such as your iCloud calls or other groups you may have made it possible for on your apple iphone. Faucet "Done" when prepared.

The "Contacts" app will currently hide the Facebook get in touches with in the main checklist view. Your other contacts need to still show up.

How you can erase Facebook get in touches with from iPhone

Settings > Facebook > Contacts

Probably you've set up your Facebook account in iphone, while unknowning that a call sync would certainly inhabit your personal digital assistant with great deals of entrances that may be undesirable. Fortunately, this choice is totally relatively easy to fix.

Go to your "Settings" application and choose the "Facebook" entrance, after that disable the toggle labeled "Get in touches with". This will certainly get rid of all Facebook contacts from your locally kept address book. The contacts/friends themselves will certainly remain active on Facebook, so don't worry.

If you open the "Contacts app" on your iPhone, you should see that all of the entrances formerly noted in the "All Facebook" team are entirely gone now.