How to Deactivate My Facebook

How To Deactivate My Facebook - Getting on Facebook is an excellent way to obtain in contact with friends and family. Nonetheless, it could get to a point where your personal privacy is type of being attacked or you simply just do not want to be on Facebook any longer. If that is the situation, then you have the option to shut down your Facebook page. Doing this will end your Facebook page.

How To Deactivate My Facebook


1. Log into your Facebook account. Go to and visit utilizing your username and password.

2. Visit Facebook settings. Click the inverted triangle at the top-right edge of the display to lower a drop-down listing. Click "Settings" to go into the Settings menu.

3. Select "Protection." This alternative will certainly be offered on the left hand side of the screen, directly beneath "General. ".

4. Click "Deactivate your account." Clicking this choice will certainly deactivate your account. All your articles and also information will instantly disappear on Facebook. People will certainly not be able to browse you or see any of your information.

If ever before you wish to get your account, just log right into Facebook once again utilizing your original username as well as password.