What Size Do Facebook Cover Photos Need to Be

What Size Do Facebook Cover Photos Need To Be - Facebook cover photos are a best instance of exactly how social media marketing is different compared to just regular social media usage. A great individual cover picture can be anything that we assume looks wonderful on profile; our company cover photos need to do much more.

A Page's Facebook cover picture needs to be branded and also represent our business. It's also must be top quality and perfectly optimized for screen; this implies knowing the best What Size Do Facebook Cover Photos Need To Be.

This blog post is mosting likely to have a look at the ideal Facebook cover photo dimension as well as best cover picture methods in order to help your images represent your company exactly how you desire

What Size Do Facebook Cover Photos Need To Be

So just what is the excellent Facebook cover picture size? That's a terrific question, and also as it turns out, it can differ a little bit.

According to Facebook, your cover picture:

1. Display screens at 820 pixels large by 312 pixels high on computers as well as 640 pixels vast by 360 pixels tall on smart devices.

2. Should go to the very least 399 pixels broad as well as 150 pixels high

3. Does not present on feature phones
This is a terrific base, yet naturally it's never quite that basic.

Cover Photos on Desktop vs Mobile

There is technically no one-size-fits-all best Facebook cover image size due to the fact that your cover photo will certainly be shown differently on mobile and also on desktop. On mobile, the cover photo will certainly appear a little bit taller.

The good news is, Facebook doesn't try to extend an image to fit new dimensions, which misshapes it; it plants it automatically instead. You could make use of Facebook's rearranging tool to enhance the cover image for finest display screen.

So with all that being claimed, we suggest using the desktop dimension of 820 pixels by 312 pixels after that make sure that none of the vital parts of your cover image are getting cut off on mobile devices.