Meaning Of Facebook Poke

Meaning Of Facebook Poke: The poke is a feature of Facebook whose single objective is to bring in the interest of another individual. The only thing that occurs when you poke someone is that he or she gets a poke alert on his/her web page.

Meaning Of Facebook Poke

As pokes bring in the attention of a user, they can be made use of for various different points and therefore have different definitions. You can, as an example, poke a close friend equally as a method of stating "Hello.".

Another response:

A poke has no real meaning. It might suggest anything from, "Hey there, I'm still active. Notice me." to "If I don't have my cash in three hours, I'm going to sodomize your pet and also offer your children to Cambodian factories.".

As for Facebook's feeble-minded online pokers go, it's probably another passive-aggressive outlet for your pleasant area profile stalkers to use.

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1. A "poke" is primarily someone attempting to obtain your attentionIt's one of the meaningless features that are made use of just to annoy someone.

2. If you poke a person not in your network and also they poke back. You can view their account even if your not their buddy!

3. A poke is when you permit somebody to see your facebook page for 3 days, so they could know that you are and ideally add you as a buddy.

An additional answer:

it's something that gets along as well as teasing as well as it's type of an icebreaker if you do not want a conversation it simply kind of advises you that a person is thinking of you or whatever. it generally has the exact same relevance as someone smiling at you when they stroll past you. it's kind of stupid however that's the only objective.

Poke most frequently refers to the activity of tapping and/or gently stabbing an object or person making use of a finger, stick, or comparable things etc.