What Size Cover Photo Facebook

What Size Cover Photo Facebook: Ever before produced a cover picture for social media just to discover it's too little or does not fit right? I have. I do not want you to undergo the pain I did so below are the suitable dimensions for each and every social networks platform. I recommend you bookmark this post for future reference. And also don't worry, if size dimensions transform, I'll ensure to upgrade this article. I've got your back.

What Size Cover Photo Facebook

Facebook Account Picture Dimension:

Screens at 170 × 170 pixels on your Page on computers, 128 × 128 pixels on smart devices as well as 36 × 36 pixels on a lot of attribute phones.

Facebook Cover Picture Dimension:

Displays at 820 pixels large by 312 pixels high on your Page on computers and also 640 pixels large by 360 pixels high on smartphones


Optimize the advantage you can obtain from your pictures on Facebook. Photos are not necessarily fixed, utilize them to highlight an erratic action or promotional ad campaign. Remember that photos are alive as well as they can be decisive in the technique to attract your followers, specifically the cover pictures on Facebook pages.

So, exactly how are your pictures on Facebook? Since you understand the Facebook image sizes, you could check the measurements.