Free Facebook Video Downloader software

Free Facebook Video Downloader Software: One day when I surf my Facebook, I encountered a very funny video that made my day. In my typical days on Facebook, I just 'like' or 'share' the videos that I assume my friends will certainly want. This time, I want this videos to be saved money on my phone to ensure that I could play it even if I'm offline. Recent Facebook App for Android are not enabling us to save Facebook videos directly and waiting in our phone.

So I'm thinking about the best ways to save Facebook videos on Android phone. I search thru the web and all I see is a number of write-ups that is using 3rd party applications to save Facebook videos. A few of these were suggesting these third party apps to download:

-ES File Explorer
-Facebook Video Free
-Advanced Download Manager

A few of these 3rd party applications are working when downloading Facebook videos and also I'm smiling when these individuals are creating article suggestions that the approach is so difficult and also complex. BUT let me inform you this, this article will teach you on the best ways to save Facebook videos on android without any 3rd party applications that others are informing you. We will simply need the pre-installed application on your Android phone which is-- Google Chrome.

Yeah, seems amusing right? Did I make you smile? Every Android Phone has Google Chrome installed on their phone, who's not? So right here it is, save Facebook videos on android without any ineffective and lousy 3rd party apps.

Free Facebook Video Downloader Software

Save Facebook Videos on Android making use of Google Chrome

Step 1: Open up your Android Phone and also open Google Chrome.

Step 2: Typle or in the address bar after that login to Facebook.

Step 3: Seek the video you wish to be save. If you discovered it, click the play button.

Tip 4: Press and Hold the video till you saw the 'save video' popup. Just click it to save the video in our phone.

Step 5: Wait till it is finish downloading the video. Then viola you now download Facebook videos on Android making use of Google Chrome and with no ineffective as well as crappy 3rd party apps.

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