How to Facebook Friend List Hide

How To Facebook Friend List Hide: If you are making use of Facebook then you could have discovered a lot of fake accounts. A lot of these fake accounts are out there to track individuals or to rip-off somebody. You can obtain tricked by such people and if you are not tricked then they could attempt to experience your friends' list and also find somebody that can be a simple target. So if you hide your Facebook friends list then you could at the very least conserve your friends from such scammers.

Facebook has actually been working truly tough as well as giving a great deal of personal privacy settings to its individuals with the single purpose that no one's individual information comes under the wrong hands. You can not just hide Facebook friends list but you can likewise pick who could see the list, that can see your status updates or the pictures and also video clips that you publish and also whether you desire any individual to see your personal information. You can select to reveal or hide anything you intend to.

If you intend to boost your efficiency as well as stop investing a lot of time on Facebook then you could deactivate your account yet you could additionally completely remove Facebook account quickly as well as quit utilizing the social media all together.

So in today's short article, we are visiting an easy method to shield your Facebook friends by hiding your friends' list from others.

How To Facebook Friend List Hide


Action 1: Login to your Facebook account as well as go to your profile page.

Step 2: When you are on your profile page, you need to click on the Friends tab under your cover photo. When you click the Friends tab, a new page will open up revealing all your friends list.

Step 3: On the page showing your Facebook friends, you will find a little button on the top-right edge. Click that switch and also a pop-up will certainly open.

Tip 4: In that pop-up, you will need to select "Only Me" from the dropdown list in the Buddies list choice. When you choose it, click the Close button as well as your setups will be saved.

You have now efficiently hidden your Facebook friends list from other individuals and also from your on the internet friends.


There are many reasons why you must hide your friends list on Facebook. There are a lot of people available that are simply seeking to make use of innocent individuals. If you permit complete strangers to go through your account, they could impersonate you on the internet and also defame you.

However if you take required precautions as well as alter the privacy settings on Facebook to secure all your individual details after that such things won't happen in any way.

Nonetheless if you want your friends to have access to your friends list after that you can do so by selecting the Friends choice from the drop-down menu above. But I would certainly advise you to not enable anyone to access your friends list. You should constantly keep it hidden from complete strangers in addition to friends.

So if you do not have your friends list hidden after that adhere to the above steps to hide Facebook friends list and also let your other friends know how to do it by sharing this message on social media websites.