Facebook How to Delete A Post

If you have enabled a number of applications to post on your Facebook Timeline or organisation page, they could post tales that you do not wish to show on your Timeline. Facebook How To Delete A Post: If you're not at the office and don't have accessibility to a computer system, you can utilize your apple iphone to delete Posts from your Facebook account. Although you can't delete the Posts from your Timeline straight, the Task Log allows you to take care of all web content on your account. This feature is specifically useful if among your Posts contains some typos or inaccurate information.

Facebook How To Delete A Post

Method 1. Erase Posts on Facebook

Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone and log in to your Facebook account if prompted. Browse to your page or Timeline and also locate the About section below your personal information. Swipe to the left to scroll with the symbols until you see "Activity Log" then touch it. The Activity Log presents all your Facebook task, including your Posts. Touch the circle to the right of the post and then tap "Delete" If you touch "Hide from Timeline" you will hide the post rather than erasing it. Tapping the circle beside a like display screens an option to unlike a blog post.

Technique 2. Ways to delete Facebook post or status

The following are actions to erase the status you have shared on your Facebook wall:

- Most likely to your Facebook timeline
- Hover over the status that you want to remove on your Facebook timeline
- Click "V" icon in the top-right corner
- Then click Delete to get rid of that post from your timeline.

If you are making use of the mobile application, you can do the same this by clicking the "V" icon on the leading right of that status and pick delete.