Facebook Profile Search without Login

Facebook allows any individual to see its members' account pages; however if you're not a participant yourself, you will not have the ability to see quite. Accessing a profile while not logged in allows you to see the person's account picture, background picture and perhaps their checklist of liked pages. Facebook Profile Search Without Login ~ You could normally see even more info when you're logged in, although many people restrict their profile information to just friends.

Facebook Profile Search Without Login

Action 1: Browse directly to the LINK of the Facebook account if you know it. Normally, account Links take the format "www.facebook.comjohn.smith".

Action 2: Use Facebook's People Search page (link in Resources) to discover the account if you have no idea the LINK. While you could make use of various other search engines, such as Google or Bing, the Facebook search page gives the added benefit of showing profile photos in the results. Locating the person with a search only functions if the individual has actually not obstructed his account from showing up in online search engine results.

Action 3: Type the person's name right into the search field and press "Enter" Facebook presents as much as 10 matching names. If Facebook finds greater than 10 coordinating names, it will not reveal you the remainder. In this case, narrow the outcomes by including various other search terms in addition to the name, such as the person's city of residence, home town or company.

Tip 4: Click among the names to see the person's account web page.