How Do I Find Out What My Facebook Url is

How Do I Find Out What My Facebook Url Is: With the appeal of Facebook today, several individuals and also business prefer to upload their profile or link to their profile on various other sites. This offers companies that are seeking numerous opportunities of marketing online a brand-new method to conveniently link their firm's website to Facebook as well as vice versa. Finding the address of a person or business's Facebook page is quite simple.

How Do I Find Out What My Facebook Url Is

Action 1: Log into Facebook.

Action 2: Most likely to your account.

Action 3: Look in your Internet browser's address bar. This is your facebook page's internet address.

Step 4: Make use of the address located in Step 3 to paste to various other internet sites to connect your audiences back to your Facebook page.

How You Can Search A person's Facebook LINK

Step 1: Log right into Facebook as well as type a name right into the "Search" bar. As you type, a list of Facebook customers will certainly show up listed below, altering to comply with the letters you get in. The highlighted user at the top of the checklist is the one Facebook thinks you're probably to be seeking.

Step 2: Press "Enter" if the proper user has actually been highlighted, or click on a various one. This will certainly raise the customer's Facebook page. If you're not friends with this individual, the page might be partly or entirely limited, however that does not matter.

Step 3: Look in your browser's address bar and also note the LINK. This may take the format "" where "username" is the person's specifically picked Facebook address, or it might be the much less individual "" where "xxxxxx" is a set of numbers unique to this person's account. In either case, this is the account's Facebook LINK.

Step 4: Confirm the LINK, if you like, by clicking the "Info" link under the person's account picture, after that scrolling to the Contact section. The Facebook LINK will certainly show up in this area, under "Facebook" unless the individual's personal privacy settings have actually concealed it. If so, you'll still have the ability to get the URL from the address bar.