How to Make A Facebook Fan Page Private

How To Make A Facebook Fan Page Private: Facebook pages are a way to promote your business, celebrity client or area organization on the social networking website. As soon as a web page is published, any kind of Facebook individual could discover it and click "Like" to become a fan. If you desire your Page to be exclusive while you complete its details and also include pictures, maintain it in unpublished condition up until you await its launch. A released Page might likewise be gone back to unpublished status any time.

How To Make A Facebook Fan Page Private


Create a brand-new Page by typing "Pages" right into the search bar on top of any kind of Facebook screen and picking "Facebook Pages" in the "Facebook" section. Click the gray "Create Page" symbol in the leading right corner of the display. Pick a category for your new Page and also agree to Facebook's terms. Click "Get Started" to create the Page.

Avoid clicking the red "Publish This Page" link on top of the screen. As long as your Page is unpublished, it remains personal from the Facebook area at large. Unpublished pages are just visible to managers.

Modification an already released Page to an unpublished one by clicking the "Edit Page" button on top of the Page. Go to the "Manage Permissions" tab and check the box beside "Only Admins Can See This Page" Click heaven "Save Changes" switch at the end of the display.

Introduce the Page to released status by going back to the "Edit Page" menu and also unchecking the box alongside "Only Admins Can See This Page" If your Page is all new as well as has never ever been released, click the red "Publish This Page" link at the top of your Page.

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