How to Make Your Photos Private On Facebook

Seeking some personal privacy? Have family on Facebook? How To Make Your Photos Private On Facebook: Well I make certain there's some images you do not want mama or daddy knowing about. Possibly you simply desire your buddies to be able to watch your images and also videos. You could establish your Photo Personal privacy Settings to a few choices:

How To Make Your Photos Private On Facebook

Most likely to Account > Privacy Settings > Profile Information and you'll involve this page:

Click the Photos and Videos drop down. This will certainly offer you a couple of options to select from:.

- Everybody
-Friends of Friends
-Only Friends

Pretty self explanatory with those options. Select which one you want as well as you're done.

However there is one alternative that allows you to personalize your photo personal privacy a lot more.

If you do not want anyone to see your photos click the Customize option and also a screen will popup with these choices:

Simply choose: Only Me.

Save Setting and also you're done.

A few things to bear in mind

As discouraging as it is, there is no chance you could stop people uploading images of you onto Facebook, nor can you stop them labeling you in those photos. The privacy of photos other individuals post to Facebook depends on their privacy Settings, not your own. You can only follow the tips above to limit their exposure as finest you can.