Make Facebook Photos Private

Searching for some personal privacy? Have family on Facebook? Make Facebook Photos Private: Well I make sure there's some photos you do not want mama or daddy learning about. Maybe you simply want your good friends to be able to view your images and also videos. You could set your Image Privacy Settings to a couple of alternatives:

Make Facebook Photos Private

Go to Account > Privacy Settings > Profile Information and you'll come to this page:

Click the Photos and Videos drop down. This will certainly offer you a couple of choices to select from:.

- Everybody
-Friends of Friends
-Only Friends

Pretty self informative with those options. Pick which one you desire and you're done.

Yet there is one option that allows you to customize your picture personal privacy even more.

If you don't desire any person to view your images click the Customize alternative and a screen will popup with these choices:

Just pick: Only Me.

Save Setting and you're done.

A couple of points to bear in mind

As aggravating as it is, there is no chance you could stop people uploading photos of you onto Facebook, neither can you stop them labeling you in those pictures. The privacy of images other individuals post to Facebook is dependent on their privacy Settings, not yours. You can just follow the pointers over to restrict their visibility as best you can.