Merge Pages Facebook

This message has actually proved rather preferred for many years, nevertheless the specific actions have actually altered somewhat, so I have actually updated the steps listed below to cover the existing approaches for Merge Pages Facebook.

Please note: These steps could vary a little (or drastically) in different countries. I can verify that they currently DO work for Australia.

For a long time I have actually been motivating my customers, friends, as well as services that I constant that haven't done it yet ... to make certain they merge their Facebook Page as well as Facebook Area (or additional Informal Page).

It sounds pretty simple, but there are still services where these are separate. So the Admins are making updates on business Page, however their consumers are looking into the Area.

By integrating the two, you can integrate "sort" from both (which the Place will usually have) and have a single area (with a little "p") to both talk with your audience and also have them check in and show their network for even better presence.

So, how do you do this?

Merge Pages Facebook

Ways to combine your Facebook Page with your Facebook Place, or Unofficial Facebook Page

Firstly examine that you carry out in truth have a separate Area and Page, or multiple Facebook Pages. Facebook search is normally rubbish, but attempt looking for your business name, and see whether two results come up. Or try looking for your organisation name both as a "Page" and a "Location".

If you're still having inconveniences, try checking into your Facebook Put on your Facebook mobile app when you are at the Place (make sense?) Then the record of the checkin will certainly be on your timeline and you could click that link.

Videotape the Links for these two listings, or if you are making the updates simultaneously, maintain them open up in different home windows or tabs in your internet browser.

There are presently 2 methods you could merge an additional Page or Area with your primary Page:

I recommend you attempt the initial, less complex way at first, as well as if that doesn't function, try the 2nd.

Please note: All of these actions are based on doing this from a desktop or laptop computer, NOT mobile or application.

Choice 1: Combine Place or Unofficial Page into a Verified Page you take care of

- Check Out the Unofficial Page or added Place (the one that isn't really your primary Organisation Page).
- Click the "Is this your business?" web link.
- This will certainly open the pop up window (see screenshot listed below).
- Click the first "Merge" option to combine it with an existing Page that you are currently an Admin of (you MUST be an Admin of the Page you are trying to combine it with).
- Follow the triggers to merge it with your primary Service Page.
- Please note: Facebook WILL alert you that this procedure may shed data, and also like all info we put on Facebook, this is possible. However usually the information you could shed is that from the Informal Page, as it is combined right into the major Page (integrating the Sorts) so this is a small risk to take. If you are worried, this is the best ways to Download and install a copy of your Page.
- If this process does not work. Attempt the one below.

Alternative 2: Case and Merge Facebook Pages

If the above procedure does not work, try this.

This is also the procedure to follow if you have currently claimed the additional Place or Page, and are Admin of 2 versions of your Organisation Page/Place.

- Make certain you are Admin of both Pages, or Page and also Location.
- If you are not currently Admin of the Informal Page, or Location, after that comply with the above actions, but select the 2nd "Claim and Verify (Page Name) with a phone call or documents". Follow the actions to first of all assert the extra Page/Place.
- Once you are Admin of both Pages, visit your KEY Facebook Service Page (the one you wish to merge the second, smaller one in to).
- Click "Settings" in the leading right hand edge.
- At the bottom of the General Setups, click "Merge Pages".
- The below steps must appear as per the screenshot. Select the two Pages, and click Continue, complying with the extra triggers as needed.

You could have to wait a couple of days while for Facebook to merge the Pages for you, however easy huh!? Now you just have one Page to stress over, and a nice, consolidated Facebook Neighborhood.