How to Make A Facebook Cover Photo Fit

How To Make A Facebook Cover Photo Fit: You also have to have seen some amazing combinations of cover images as well as account pictures, where the entire design resembles one continuous graphic, whether it was on private profiles or organisation pages. Normally, you might assume that all the biggest brands would aspire to produce something as impressive as the example above, right?

Well, not really.

I spent more than an hour going trough numerous service pages, trying to find any design integrations where the account picture would be smoothly overlaid on the cover picture. And even from those few that I found, the majority could not obtain the exact layout ideal. * sigh *.

How To Make A Facebook Cover Photo Fit


Prior to anything else, allow's have a look at why it can be tough to include the account photo into your cover image.

As you might already now, the dimensions of a Facebook cover photo are 851x315px (that is, 851 pixels in size by 315 pixels in elevation). However, the account image needs to be published as a minimum of a 180x180px picture that will after that be reduced to 160x160px.

This indicates that if you just used a 851x315px canvas and also attempted to chop out the profile image, the size of the resulting picture will certainly be 160x160px just, as well as Facebook will not permit you to submit it (as I stated, it needs to be 180x180px, at the very least) - and that's a pain, yet ...

This is precisely why the cover picture theme I developed is two times as vast compared to suggested by Facebook, 1702px in width, leaving the cropped out profile picture a 320x320px image.


If you adhered to the actions properly, you will certainly currently have 2 data: one account photo (320x320px) and also one cover image (851x315px).

To submit the new style, most likely to your Facebook page, click on "Update Profile Picture" and also "Upload Photo ...". For cover image, click to "Change Cover" as well as "Upload Photo ..." and also choose the freshly produced image.

Web sites to create Facebook TimeLine Cover Pictures: