How to See A Friendship On Facebook

How To See A Friendship On Facebook: When you wish to see when you as well as a friend - or 2 mutual friends - very first became Facebook friends, the Friendship page is all you need. The Friendship page displays any info Facebook has concerning your connection with the various other person, including when you came to be Facebook friends, if you relate as well as any kind of Life Events you've shared together. To see when you became friends, start by seeing your friend's profile.

How To See A Friendship On Facebook

Seeing a Friendship With You

Searching for when you became Facebook friends with someone is really just one action beyond taking a look at a friend's profile. In fact, the Friendship page is really accessed from your friend's account page.

Step 1: Kind your friend's name right into the search bar and select her from the listing. People on your friends checklist with the keyed in name show up first, but non-friends with the exact same name also show up in the outcomes. Make certain you choose the right one.

Step 2: Click the ... switch on your friend's account, and choose See Friendship. This menu also has the Block and also Report switches, utilized to obstruct contact from that friend as well as report improper or violent actions, respectively.

Action 3: Check just under the Friendship page's cover picture. There's a box having information about your Friendship, consisting of when you became Facebook friends.

Seeing a Friendship In Between Two Others

To see a Friendship between two people on your friend's listing, the process starts the same as above. When on the Friendship page, nevertheless, there are a couple more fast steps to follow.

Action 1: Click More from the Friendship page with one of both friends you intend to search for.

Step 2: Select a pair of friends from the listings in the Browse Pals home window. Conversely, if the two friends you intend to check out aren't detailed, kind their names in the text areas and also click See Friendship.

Step 3: Check simply under the Friendship page's cover picture. There's a box containing info concerning the Friendship between the two individuals you selected, consisting of when they initially became Facebook friends.

If you select two people that aren't Facebook friends with each other, no info displays.