How to Tag On Facebook Comment

How To Tag On Facebook Comment: Facebook tags offer your buddies a heads up when you're mentioning them in an article on the social networking site. Use the tags feature to speak about that you're with currently, consist of pals in a post regarding future plans or simply tease a person in a comment. Whenever you mark a buddy, Facebook alerts her; the entire blog post in which she is labelled additionally appears on her Facebook wall.

How To Tag On Facebook Comment

Action 1

Click on the "Write a comment ..." area at the end of any Facebook message to which you have opportunities to comment. You are permitted to talk about your very own blog posts and also articles on web pages of your validated pals.

Action 2

Type the "@" symbol as well as the very first few letters of the name of the individual to be identified.

Action 3

Select your pal from the listing that Facebook immediately generates based upon the letters you typed. Click a close friend's name as soon as to choose her.

Step 4

Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 for each and every individual you intend to tag. Normal text can additionally be put prior to as well as after each tag.

Step 5

Strike the "Enter" trick to post the comment.

I wish you have actually found out how-to tag people on Facebook remarks currently. So keep sharing with your buddies and also have a good time. If you have any inquiries, you can make use of the comment box.