Make A Facebook Cover Photo

Make A Facebook Cover Photo: You likewise have to have seen some trendy combinations of cover photos and also account pictures, where the whole style looks like one constant graphic, whether it got on individual accounts or service pages. Naturally, you might believe that the largest brands would certainly aspire to create something as impressive as the instance above, right?

Well, not actually.

I invested greater than an hour going trough different business pages, looking for any style combinations where the profile image would certainly be smoothly overlaid on the cover image. As well as from those couple of that I discovered, the majority couldn't get the exact layout perfect. * sigh *.

Make A Facebook Cover Photo


Prior to anything else, allow's take a look at why it can be tough to incorporate the account photo into your cover photo.

As you could already currently, the dimensions of a Facebook cover picture are 851x315px (that is, 851 pixels in size by 315 pixels in height). Nonetheless, the profile photo needs to be published as at least a 180x180px picture that will after that be reduced to 160x160px.

This suggests that if you simply utilized a 851x315px canvas as well as attempted to crop out the profile image, the dimension of the resulting photo will be 160x160px only, and Facebook will not enable you to publish it (as I discussed, it has to be 180x180px, at the very least) - and that's a discomfort, yet ...

This is precisely why the cover picture template I produced is two times as broad compared to recommended by Facebook, 1702px in size, leaving the cropped out account image a 320x320px image.


If you complied with the actions appropriately, you will currently have 2 files: one profile photo (320x320px) and also one cover image (851x315px).

To publish the new design, go to your Facebook web page, click "Update Profile Picture" and "Upload Photo ...". For cover picture, click to "Change Cover" as well as "Upload Photo ..." as well as choose the newly produced photo.

Web sites to create Facebook TimeLine Cover Pictures: