How to Change Facebook Profile Picture 2019

How To Change Facebook Profile Picture - Your Facebook account picture assists establish you apart from other individuals with comparable names. To include your profile photo, see to it you have an image you want to make use of conserved someplace on your computer system's hard disk, and follow these steps:

Is your Facebook account picture obtaining a little old and also stagnant? Modification it up a bit with these steps.

How To Change Facebook Profile Picture

From a Desktop Internet browser

- Login to Facebook.
- Select "Photos" in the "Apps" area on the left pane.
- Browse to the photo you wish to make use of for your account.
- Select Make Profile Picture.
- You'll then be able to chop the picture to your preference. Select "Save", and the picture is established as your account picture.

From a Mobile Internet browser

- Login to the Facebook mobile site.
- Touch the "Menu" Menu Switch button in the upper-left corner of the display.
- Select "Photos".
- Browse to the image you want to utilize for your account.
- Select the "Make Profile Picture" link, then choose "Confirm".

From the iPhone & iPad Application

- Open up the Facebook app.
- Touch the "More" button in the lower-right edge of the display.
- Select "Photos", after that navigate to the photo you want to utilize.
- While the photo is presented on the screen, tap the 3 dots (...) at the top-right corner of the screen.
- Tap "Make Profile Picture".
- Plant the picture, then choose Done.

From the Android Application

-Open the Facebook app.
-Touch the "More" button in the lower-right corner of the display.
-Select "Photos", then browse to the image you desire to use.
-While the picture is displayed on the display, tap the three dots (...) at the top-right corner of of the screen.
-Tap "Make Profile Picture".
-Crop the picture to your preference, then select Done when you're completed.