How to Add Music to Instagram Story

How to add music to Instagram story: Instagram, who is Android user who does not know the social media apps of this one? It has been downloaded up to 80 million users across the country, making Instagram a popular social media spot on the planet. In addition, making Instagram more and more users is thanks to its features that are capable of attracting people, such as Instastory features. In the Instastory itself, there are a variety of interesting features such as filters, GIFS, polls, question, rate, and interestingly, you can also add music to your Instagram stories. However, some Instagram users still don't know how to add music in Instagram stories.

how to add music to instagram story

How to Add Music to Instagram Story

If you're curious about how to add music in Instagram stories, here's what I'll cover in more detail below:

  • Download the VPN app to choose a preferred country that already supports Instagram music stickers (generally American or Australian),
  • If you have set up and selected an outside country on a VPN, just go to the Instagram app,
  • Then, press the stories feature in the top left corner as usual,
  • Next, slide up the sticker menu, it will arise "music sticker", just press,
  • Once pressed, select and arrange the songs to your liking.

Another way to add music in Instagram stories to Android and iOS is as follows:


First step, activate the song you've chosen either in the built-in music player or Google Play Music. Select also which part you want to insert into InstaStory. When you have, pause the section and proceed with opening the Instagram app. After opening Instagram, directly press the  "Snapstory" feature in the upper left corner. Through the notification bar, turn the song back on while you record a video of the story as usual. So automatically, your cool snapgrams will be filled with the song you're playing.
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If you're an iOS user, how to add music in Instagram stories is almost similar to Android. The difference is that on iOS does not use the notification bar, but uses the control Panel found on iOS. The same way with the Android, choose the part of the song you want to insert and pause first. After opening the "Snapstory" feature, swipe from the bottom using 3 fingers. When the panel controls have appeared, rotate the music by pressing the play button and run your story recordings as usual.

So now understand, how to add music to Instagram story. Please try it now.