How to Change Password Gmail

Changing Gmail passwords is pretty easy to do and it only takes a short time. It is necessary to do this periodically to protect your account from irresponsible hands.

Many people use a password that is simple and predictable when Gmail lists first. This way it will make Gmail account easy to remember. Only, Gmail passwords are predictable to be vulnerable to a breach. Therefore, you will need to change your Gmail password periodically to continue ensuring the security of your account.

how to change password gmail

How to Change Password Gmail

In this tutorial we will discuss how to change Gmail password easily.

What do you need?

Before starting the step in this tutorial, you'll need:

  • Access to Gmail account in the form of email and password

Here is a step change Gmail password...

Step 1: Sign in to Gmail
To change your Gmail password you must have access to your Gmail account email address and password. Here is the steps.

1. Login to your Gmail account through the browser and enter the email address following the password.

2. Click the Gear button located on the right, then select Settings.

3. After that please select the Account and Import menu.

4. Click Change Password.

5. You will see a new tab. Please enter the Gmail password you are using, it is necessary as a verification that will replace the password is you. Click the Next button to continue.

6. Next Please enter the new password as a change your previous Gmail password. You need to enter your password twice, then click the CHANGE PASSWORD button.

7. Now the process of changing Gmail password is done. To do the checking, please do login on different devices or browsers using your new password.
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Changing your Gmail password isn't that hard and you only need a few simple steps.