How to Chat on Instagram

jason-queally - Instagram is a social media application whose popularity has increased greatly in recent times.

As a social media platform, there are many features offered by Instagram to users. In fact, now more and more new features are appearing on the platform.

Users can not only comment on posts that are shared on large social networking platforms under the auspices of Facebook Inc., users can use DM to send private messages.

DM or Direct Message is a feature that can make it easier for users to communicate directly with other users more personally or privately.

With this feature, someone can comment or deliver messages in secret without needing to be known by many other users.
How to Chat on Instagram

How to Chat on Instagram

How to send DM on Instagram

Sending Direct Message to other users is as easy as sending a post on the Instagram platform. By default, Instagram provides this feature as one of its flagship.
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Before using this feature, users must have an Instagram account and application installed on their device. Here are some steps on how to send DM in the Instagram app:
  1. Open the Instagram application installed on the device
  2. Click the "paper plane" icon in the top right corner or swipe the screen to the left
  3. After entering the "Direct" menu, click the "+" button in the upper right corner to create a new message
  4. Search for other users you want to go to in the search field provided
  5. Click on the account to be addressed
  6. Write a message in the "Write a message ..." column
  7. When finished writing the contents of the message to be sent, click the "Send" button
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How to send DM on Instagram via Post

The second way to send messages to users on Instagram is through existing posts. This method can be used for various Instagram content privately. Here's how to send DM in the Instagram app via an existing post:
  1. Open the installed Instagram application, and find the post or content that you want to share. Users can search explore, in someone's account, or in the main feeds of their account. After that, click the "paper plane" icon on the menu that appears just below the post image
  2. Find the user you want to go to by using the Search menu
  3. Click the destination user account if you have found and select the "Send" button
These are two easy ways to send DM to other users to communicate privately. However, many Instagram news will separate the DM feature into a separate application from the main application. If that happens, then the way to use the DM feature on Instagram will be a little different.