How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently in 2019

There are a lot of benefits that you can take on Facebook, from the easy way to find your family or old friends, promote your products, discuss together, play Facebook games to eliminate the boredom and so on.

However, some people want to deactivate their Facebook account. Either it's because Facebook makes them "hooked" or makes their time management messy.

While not entirely true, there are only a few people who are addicted to accessing Facebook, every time they regularly update their status, upload photos or comment on their friend's status.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently in 2019

To the extent they forgot to do much more important thing than accessing Facebook. Please scroll down to go straight to the desired discussion:

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently in 2019

How to delete a Facebook account

Deleting a Facebook account is also divided into two, i.e. deleting it temporarily and permanently. If you choose the first option (delete it temporarily), you can easily reactivate it, simply by logging in as usual.

Unlike deleting it permanently, if within 14 days you are not logged in at all, your Facebook account will completely be deleted and cannot be reactivated.

A. Delete Facebook account on your phone

For how to delete your own Facebook account on mobile is not complicated. You can do it easily through the browser.

Deleting an account is divided into 2 temporary and permanent, it is up to you to choose which, I will explain the difference of the two. Go straight to the following steps:
  1. Log into your Facebook account via browser (use Chrome only). Then click Menu (icon three lines) as designated arrows.
  2. Scroll down and select settings.
  3. Scroll down again, under your Facebook information, select Account ownership and control.
  4. Next select deactivation and deletion.
  5. There will be 2 options to choose from. To delete a temporary Facebook account (deactivate account) or permanently (delete account), please choose the one that you want. Here I want to permanently delete my Facebook account, so select Delete account. Then click Continue to account deletion.
  6. If you permanently delete your Facebook account, then all of your data is either a photo, video or post while using Facebook, it will be deleted. Even your Facebook account connected to Messenger will also be deleted.
  7. I think you agree with the consequences you will receive. Next scroll down a bit and click Delete Account.
  8. To ensure that the deletion of this Facebook account is you, then please enter your Facebook password. Next click Continue.
  9. Next Step Click Delete Account.
  10. Done, your Facebook account has been permanently deleted. Make sure you are not logged in 14 days, because if you log in again, the deletion of your Facebook account will be cancelled.
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B. Deleting Facebook account on Laptop/Computer

#Delete a permanent Facebook account

Next I will explain how to permanently delete your Facebook account. Before that, make sure your heart is really steady want to delete your Facebook permanently. Go straight, see the steps below:
  1. Login to your Facebook account as usual, then visit the following link.
  2. Next select Delete my account.
  3. Enter your password and the CAPTCHA requested, then select OK.
  4. Your Facebook account was successfully deleted permanently.
  5. Facebook parties provide vulnerable time up to 14 days. If you're not logged in for up to 14 days, your Facebook will be completely deleted and you're no longer able to restore it.
That's how to delete Facebook account easily, either temporarily or permanently. If there is no strong reason to delete your Facebook account, I recommend not to delete it.

Use Facebook as needed, lest you get addicted, to the extent that you forgot to do the work of the school/office. Facebook is built for positive purposes, therefore, use Facebook as wisely as possible.