How to I Create a Gmail Account

Important Gmail or Google mail accounts have someone to send messages with digital format. But maybe there are still wondering, how do I create a gmail account?

Besides being able to send messages, having a Gmail account gives users the opportunity to use other facilities, such as Google Talk for instant communication.

How to I Create a Gmail Account

How to I Create a Gmail Account

Well, here's how to create a new Gmail account easily:

1. Create an Account

In order to create a new Gmail account, users must first have a Google account. How to make it by logging into the page and fill in the required information.

When all the information is complete, the user can click on the "Next " option. Then, follow the onscreen steps to set up your account and use that account to sign in to Gmail.

Users can use the same name and password to sign in to other Google products, such as YouTube, Google Play, and Google Drive.
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2. Gmail account name already used

Users can not register or get a Gmail address if the desired name has been used, or a very similar name has also been used. For example already exists, users can not use

Additionally, the user cannot use the name that was previously used and has subsequently been deleted.

3. Sign In

Meanwhile, to sign in or sign in to the account, the user can open through a computer. First you must do, that is, go to the page.

Then, select Sign in and enter your email address or phone number and password. If it is already filled, users can choose the Sign in option and sign in using their Gmail account.