How to Make Internet Faster

Internet connection has become a basic necessity for gadget users who are all over the world not only Indonesia of course. Because the day the Internet speed is growing and progressing so it will continue to increase. With a good Internet connection will certainly make the Internet activities increasingly active.

Nowadays, Internet connection is a good deciding whether the job. Imagine if a job requires sending data with a deadline, but the Internet connection is very slow. It could be a very delayed or cancelled job.

Therefore, maintaining the Internet stability is required several ways for the connection to remain stable and always work smoothly.

how to make internet faster

How to Make Internet Faster

There are several ways you can try to accelerate the Internet connection, among others:

1. Choose a good provider

Choosing a competent and good provider is the first way to accelerate the Internet connection in the laptop, for it should choose the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that can stabilize the Internet connection.

Decent price will usually be in accordance with the quality of the Ipits, do not arrive at the time of discount, you are tempted and buy a discounted price but it turns out when used instead of impeding the job. By choosing the right provider you can speed up Internet connection.

Also make sure the service rate corresponds to the speed offered by the provision or if you want speed according to compare also with other providers. Actually the price is not a reference of good speed but price can describe how the quality.

2. Select the appropriate Modem

To get a good Internet connection you should also pay attention to good Modem selection, because the Modem is a device that can turn the computer signal into expected frequency.

Choose a modem that has a good connection capacity and in fact if you want to be safer you can use a famous modem brand so that vendors who produce and manufacture modem can be trusted. In addition to a good modem is generated by a trustworthy vendor, the customer service is much better than a regular modem vendor. For that, make sure you choose the right modem for a great connection.

In choosing the modem must also be adjusted to the operating system used by the laptop. Usually the existing modem is installed compatible with the Windows operating system. For other operating systems, usually it can but will affect the connection if it does not match the operating system used.
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3. Performance of your PC or laptop must be optimized

To get a good Internet connection, you have to make sure that your laptop's performance is optimal because there can slow down Internet connection, one of them because laptops have files that are too much much less junk files that can Impede laptop performance.

You can clean the junk file files that are in the hard disk in the way it is in defrag and this way you can do easily by using additional apps.

If the laptop already has optimal performance then the connection will be smooth and increased than before. By optimizing the device first, the connection problem will be improved as well.

4. Upgrade your browser

Upgrading the browser is updating the browser app with the latest version of the previous browser application. By using the latest browser then the Internet speed on the PC or laptop will increase, because usually applications that are not upgraded will experience a decrease in performance that can affect the speed of the Internet connection.

Also, the latest version of the browser will usually bring the latest features to help the job faster. For that, don't forget to upgrade the browser you use to get a better Internet connection.

The latest version of the browser will usually often change every few months so make sure it doesn't miss to update your browser to the latest version.

5. Reduce Internet-connected apps

How to speed up your PC Internet connection can also be optimized by reducing or limiting applications that absorb many Internet connections when turned on.

Programs that use an Internet connection will usually slow down the connection because they have to be divided into several applications in need. For that you have to disable the unnecessary programs for the connection to be undivided and cause poor connection.

6. Laptop Hardware Upgrades

In addition to updating the software like a browser, some have to be updated again to speed up the Internet connection hardware. The performance of hardware is decreasing steadily, so it needs to be improved in order to increase over time.

If you feel slowness to the connection can be because the hardware is starting to weaken for it you need to upgrade hardware that can support system performance and also connection from the Internet.

Some hardware that need to be updated like a HDD needs to be upgraded to an SSD, then the RAM can be upgraded to a larger capacity, the Prosessor also needs to be upgraded to accelerate the system and connectivity to the Internet.

By upgrading some hardware will certainly affect the performance of the system is getting better too.

In addition to some things to note above, how to accelerate Wifi connection on a laptop or PC can also be done in the following ways.

That's a few things you can do to speed up your laptop's Internet connection. Good connection is certainly supported with a good device. So, don't forget to always update your device to generate an ever-increasing internet connection, good luck.