How to Reset iPhone

How to reset iPhone - Want to sell your iPhone? Or iPhone locked and you forgot the password to unlock the iPhone? Whether you want to sell the iPhone and intend to erase your data in it or you can not unlock the unlocked iPhone because it forgot its password, both can be solved by resetting the iPhone.

how to reset iphone

The reset iPhone will return to its original settings and look like new. Automatically, all your data in the iPhone will be erased. If you want to use data on your old iPhone, then back up all data first before resetting Your iPhone. Since deleted data will no longer be refundable.

There are 2 types of reset iPhone, namely soft reset and hard reset. Well, for the problem of data deletion or unlock a locked iPhone, you have to do a hard reset. Here are the differences and ways of both types of iPhone reset, please follow the below steps:

How to Reset iPhone

How to Soft Reset iPhone

how to soft reset iphone
how to soft reset iphone

Soft Reset will not erase all data that is on the iPhone. Because, soft reset is another word from restart or reboot iPhone. This is done to recover the iPhone that is currently hanging or stopped and can not run on an application. To do this soft reset, you don't need iTunes or iCloud. Here's how to do a soft reset iPhone appropriately: 
  1. Press the  "Home " and "Sleep " buttons on Your iPhone at the same time. When pressing both buttons, hold for approximately 10 seconds 
  2. Your iPhone's screen will be black for a while. Remove the hand from both buttons when the screen is black 
  3. After a moment, the Apple logo appears on the iPhone screen. This is the process of restarting an iPhone. Leave until the restart process is complete. When the restart process is complete, please touch the iPhone screen to try it 
Often times while opening certain applications, our Iphones suddenly hang and cannot be operated. Instead, don't remove Your iPhone's battery first because it might damage your phone. Try the soft reset way above to restore the frozen Iphones due to hangs or errors. If the button doesn't work, please try another restart. 
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How to Hard Reset iPhone

how to hard reset iphone
how to hard reset iphone

How to reset the next iPhone is a hard reset, ie reset iPhone as a whole. This will eliminate the data on your iPhone, as this is a way to make the look and settings of Your iPhone back to like the first time you bought it. 

In general, a hard reset is done if you want to sell Your old iPhone to someone else. This Hard reset or factory reset is very important if you don't want new people to have your phone aware of your old data. 

In addition, a hard reset is done if you can't unlock the unlocked iPhone. It is quite often experienced by most people, because forgetting the password is a natural thing. However, when you want to use this way to restore a locked iPhone, then you should be prepared with the risk of losing the data on that iPhone. 

During the back up process, you can sort the data if it is not used anymore. Clear that data to make more space in your iPhone's storage capacity later. Make sure you use the back up with iCloud and iTunes, because the best iPhone data backup process can only rely on those two software. 

It is certainly different from the Android device that can be backed up by just doing a copy paste. On Your iPhone, you need to use iCloud and iTunes that Apple has specifically developed. 

Well, if you have ensured that all data is already stored in iTunes or iCloud, immediately do a hard reset on your iPhone. Here are the steps on how to reset Your iPhone to its original settings: 
  1. Go to ' Settings ' on your iPhone 
  2. Select ' General ' menu 
  3. Click the ' Reset ' menu 
  4. Select the ' Erase All Content and Settings ' text 
  5. Your screen will display a warning box about all data to be erased if you reset Your iPhone 
  6. Continue by entering your Apple ID to confirm the reset action 
  7. Wait a few moments then all data and settings on the iPhone will be erased
Since all data and iPhone settings are erased, be sure to re-think and back up your data if you want to use all the old data on the iPhone. The reason is that the data will be permanently lost if it is not backed up first. 

When the data can be restored with the restoration via iCloud or iTunes, but all settings on your iPhone are not refundable. You'll need to rearrange again if you want to go back to your iPhone's old settings. 

iPhone is a high end smartphone that has a fairly high security level. Therefore, if you forget the password and can not unlock the unlocked iPhone, then the way of resetting the iPhone above is the only solution to reopen your iPhone. 

Well, if you are an artist, you can lock Your iPhone with the Finger print feature on Your iPhone 5s or above. This fingerprint security feature is strong enough and guarantees the security of your data without worrying about forgetting your password.