How to Start a Blog

How do I create a blog? These questions are often heard or even accepted by webmasters. If you are looking for the full information, then this tutorial will explain on how to start a blog.

Now this is almost everyone ' required ' to have a blog. Simple online business, online store, or personal blog, can all be poured in the form of blogs or websites.

how to start a blog

How to Start a Blog

How to create a Blog (with 6 easy steps)

Step 1: Choosing a niche Blog

If you want to run a project or build a business, then create a blog that contains services, products, and corporate goals. People will also be interested in knowing more about the vision and mission as well as the services you offer.

There are also a wide selection of platforms for those who want to create a personal or simple website. Various things can be used as news and information. From the topics of travel, technology, news, to food, music, and shoes – there are a lot of topics that can be used as the main discussion of the blog.

Choosing a niche blog can not be done random, especially in a hurry. Do research and comparisons beforehand. This way, you will have no trouble finding the right niche blog.

Write a topic you like. Doing something according to your hobbies and passions will usually give you better results. It is definitely a reader or a loyal visitor blog will also feel satisfied.
Do not stop if until now you do not know the topic
What will be discussed on the blog. Most successful blogs in the internet world try to approach and write a variety of topics before finally gaining a high amount of traffic and reap a lot of profits.
Our advice, try it and don't be afraid to fail!.
Step 2: Choosing a blogging platform

Next, select the platform where you will write and publish the content. Because most of the blog contents are content, use a Content management system (CMS) platform.

By choosing a CMS to be a blogging platform, you can:
  1. Setup a blog without having to understand coding or programming language.
  2. Write and publish new content.
  3. Focus on writing rather than worrying about various technical aspects.
  4. Add new features without any difficulties with the help of plugins and modules.
  5. Configure design views by utilizing a free set of themes.
Lately, content management systems are becoming popular. CMS has become a platform for almost all websites on the internet.
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Step 3: Choosing a web Hosting

There are a few things you should consider if you want to choose a hosting platform for your blog:
  1. How much and high traffic do you expect?
  2. How fast is the clip?
  3. Is it provided help?
  4. What features are provided to make your blog look sophisticated and professional?
  5. How much does it cost?
Fortunately, you no longer need to find the best hosting because we are able to provide what you need!

Step 4: Register the domain name

Each website is accompanied by an address, as well as your blog or website. Choosing a domain name is not an easy thing

Step 5: Activate the blogging platform

After purchasing and activating your web hosting and domain name, the next step is to design and manage your site.

As we've mentioned before, there are three best blogging platforms that each have advantages and disadvantages. Below, we'll discuss one by one of how to create a blog on those three platforms.

Step 6: Publish content and develop your blog

The sooner you write and link an article, the result will be better. Why? In fact, a single article took a few weeks before it was finally seen and displayed in the search engines.

Ideally, you want your blog to get traffic that keeps increasing at all times. To realize this desire, you need to be creative and prepare to try harder.