How to Search Posts On Facebook 2019

Are you searching for a specific post on Facebook? How To Search Posts On Facebook - There are a couple of methods to search for Facebook Posts without needing to go too much into the weeds.

How To Search Posts On Facebook

# 1 Use Graph Search

If you keep in mind a phrase of the post or what the post had to do with, you could utilize the Graph Search function on top of the Page. Enter the phrase then make use of the magnifying glass to get all the results.

Then you will certainly be able to sort via the posts from your friends or any type of posts that are public that have this phrase in it. You can additionally utilize this technique to do even more basic searches to discover just what people are publishing about around a particular topic!

# 2 Use Your Activity Log

If you have actually communicated with the post somehow-- liked it, commented on it, or shared it someplace-- you could locate it in your Activity Log.

Currently you could see your newest Activity, where the Activity occurred, and you can even Search your Activity.

# 3 Native Facebook Features & Tips

Prior to permitting an app to access your Facebook, attempt trying out Facebook's own attributes. If you are scrolling down your Timeline, you need to understand that by default Facebook does not present every post by you or your friends.

Even if you click the specific year to the top right, you're only visiting the Highlights|. In order to see all posts from that year, click the down arrow to the right of Highlights and also click All Stories. Refer to the image listed below.

This is a great time to briefly mention concerning Facebook Privacy Settings. After searching old posts, you might find some you no longer want to be public or visible to friends of friends (as well as I assure you will certainly locate posts you wish to remove totally). To restrict all previous posts to be just viewable by friends, click the drop-down menu in the top bar.

Then adhere to: Settings > Privacy (left sidebar) > Who can see my stuff? > Limit Past Posts, as well as click the Limit Old Posts switch.

For even more tips as well as help on exploring and recognizing Facebook's Privacy Settings, I advise finding out about Facebook's Privacy Examination Device.

# 4 Facebook Apps & Site

There are a number of third-party applications that also offer search performance.

- QSearch.
- Archivedbook.

Which Method Do You Use?

My recommendation would be to first try to get by without attaching a web site or app to your account and also make use of Graph Search or browsing the Activity Log-- just my individual choice.

Nevertheless, QSearch is a fantastic device for locating things promptly, and also it has some sorting options also. Search My posts would certainly be good for narrowing down cause only your posts (not an attribute that remains in QSearch), however be prepared to wait simply a bit longer for the cause lots. Making use of Archivedbook is terrific, but you'll have plenty of time to go get hold of a snack in the cooking area while you wait on the results to load.